Can I bring my own alcohol? 
Due to licensing restrictions, alcohol can only be purchased on site. This is in line with the protection of minors, and anyone underage seen drinking will have the drink taken off of them.

Are dogs allowed on site?
Dogs are allowed on site, however we request that at all times dogs are kept on a lead and your responsible for cleaning up after them.

What if I loose my wristband?
If you lose your wristband at the event we will replace it but there will be a £10 charge, we need to make sure everyone on site has a wristband and had paid to be there.

Are you really donating all of your profits to charity?
Yes. Any profits that we make will be donated to Devon Freewheelers and other local charities. The Honiton Foundation is proud to support the work they carry out in all weathers.

Can I camp with my friends?
To ensure your camping next to your friends we suggest you arrive at the same time as we are unable to reserve space.

Where are my tickets?
Tickets are emailed out as soon as your payment has been processed. It may take up to 24 hours for this to ocour. Please add to your safe/non junk email. Also check your junk email folder.

There is an extra surcharge at the end why?
We have placed a surchage to cover the admin costs of using PayPal, this ensures we are able to provide you with the best entertainment at the festival.

I would like to attend your event on a as a buissness.
Please use the contact us page to apply for a pitch.