Site safety is really important to us to make sure everyone has a good time and to make sure we don’t upset any of our neighbours so please help us to do this by sticking to the following:


  • ABSOLUTELY no drones, UAV’S or remote controlled aircraft. The police are on site and have the power and authority to use anti-drone technology to trap and disable unauthorised users. This includes commercial permit holders
  • Bring any glass items or alcoholic beverages onto site – any attempt to do so will result in confiscation and destruction – it may also prevent you from entering the festival, cancellation of tickets and there are no refunds
  • Bring any weapons, drugs, mini motos (or similar) onto the site.
  • Have any fires or bring any BBQ’s – food is avalible from retailers on site througout the event. (This doesn’t apply to campers in the camping field – All BBQ’s must be raised off the ground.)
  • Drive or move vehicles around the site – if it is compulsory for you to do so please speak to a steward who will guide you out. Speed of 10mph MUST not be exceeded in this instance.
  • Go near the river – this area is outside of the festival site and strictly out of bounds. Anyone found in this area will be immediately removed from site.
  • Bring Fireworks, Balloons or Sky lanterns – these are not permitted on site at all, we are using agricultural land and these items are a major risk to animals. We reserve the right to remove anyone that does not adhere to this.
  • Cause any form of disruption or disorder at any time – we expect all persons to have a responsible attitude. Vulgarity, obscene behaviour or any manner of offence will not be tolerated – this is a family event.


  • Be respectful of your camping neighbours on site and local residents (we want to make this our home for future years so lets be respectful).
  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with the fire points on site.
  • Make sure if you have children you mark their bands with a contact number. Please also familiarise yourself and them with the lost child point and make sure you keep them away from the river area. This area is out of bounds.  You are expected to supervise your children at all times.
  • Make sure if it is hot and sunny you drink plenty of water and wear lots of sun screen.
  • Familiarise yourself with the main organisers tent and first aid tent, if you have any problems pop along here.
  • Speak to our friendly stewards and security if you have any questions.
  • Put all of your rubbish in the bags, bins and skips provided throughout the site.
  • We reserve the right to stop and search any visitor to Honiton Sausage & Cider Festival and to remove any visitor immediately should their behaviour or actions not be in line with site rules or if they are acting inappropriately. Removal will be at the discretion of security and event organisers, their say is final and the safety of all other visitors will be the number one priority at all times.